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Sherlock was in a state, he was panicking and he was angry at himself.

John ran through the door to Sherlock, he was panting and Sherlock just looked confused and scared.

"I - ran - from - tesco - wait - a - moment." John managed to speak inbetween pants. soon he collected himself and realised Sherlock was rambling.

"I’m sorry, I won’t get in the way. Please don’t leave. I’m so sorry. I can move out if you’re uncomfortable but… i want to stay… i-"

"Sherlock!" john cut him off and stunned him. "Now, i thought it insensitive to tell you in texts so here I am." He sat next to Sherlock and put his hand on Sherlock’s knee, squeasing it gently. He looked into Sherlock’s eyes, "I love you too. I love you more than the world, Sherlock."

Sherlock couldn’t find the words so he leaned forward pressing his lips against John’s.

“Harry! Harry!” Draco ran through to the kitchen to find Harry making himself some tea.

“what’s up Dray?” Harry asked concerned at Draco’s outburst.

“We’ve got a date! We’ve got a date!” He ran over to Harry, who wrapped his arms around him, lifted him up and span him around.

“When?” Harry asked excitedly.

“the eleventh!” Draco squealed.

“the eleventh of?” Harry asked smiling at Draco’s enthusiasm.

“Next month. July!”

“Really?!” Harry’s eyes went wide.

“That’s okay with you isn’t it?”

“Definitely! I can’t wait!” Harry pulled Draco into a kiss.

part twelve of my storyline

Mycroft had been confused when Sherlock came in tears streaming down his cheeks and a big red hand print Mycroft asked him what had happened when sherlock burst out. “Told Amy I was gay in front of everyone.” And he ran. Now Mycroft knew Amy was the most popular girl in Sherlock’s school and it was more than likely that he had the best part of the school witness this so when it made sense which only took a second he texted his brother and ran up the stairs too.


Mycroft heard shuffling and soon he heard Sherlock’s lock click open. He stood up and opened the door to find sherlock stood with his hands covering his face sobbing, hard. Mycroft walked to his little brother and gently pulled Sherlock’s hands away from his face. “Sherlock, look at me.” Mycroft said gently. Sherlock looked up but was wincing slightly just in case Mycroft was going to slap him across the face like that girl did. His lip was wobbling and tears were still streaming down his face. “We must get some ice on this,” Mycroft indicated to Sherlock’s swollen cheek.

“But mummy’s in the kitchen.” Sherlock said panicking.

“Yes, yes she is.” Mycroft nodded. “Sherlock I have to tell you something.” Mycroft started Sherlock was expecting it to be something horrendous. “I am very, very proud of you.”

“P-p-p-p-proud? O-of me? Why?” Sherlock asked his eyebrows furrowing.

“Because you just told someone to back off in front of the whole school and she didn’t so you… Sherlock the whole school knows you’re gay.”

“I-i…. she was harassing my Myc, I had to do something i-im sorry i….”sherlock whimpered

Mycroft pulled him towards himself and let Sherlock’s head rest on his chest. “No Sherlock, you don’t understand, I’m proud of you for it, for sticking up for yourself, that’s the first time you’ve done it, I am proud.” Mycroft finished. Sherlock wrapped his arms around Mycroft and sobbed, harder than he did in school harder than he did alone harder than he did when Mycroft opened the door.  “Sherlock, mummy and pappy both love you very much, when I started my third year in high school they thought I was gay and that I was keeping it a secret from them and guess what they did?”

Sherlock snuffled a little then looked up “Wha- what did they do?”

“They sat me down with some hot chocolate after you went to bed and said ’Mycroft, is there something you need to tell us because you need to know, no matter what we love you’ I deduced what they meant and began laughing they were very confused until part way through my laughter I said that I had a girlfriend and the confusion on their faces was highly amusing but they thought I was keeping a secret and its better to get it out now than later, okay?”

“I-I understand Mycroft… c-can you help me get some ice?”

“Of course.”

They walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where mummy Holmes was making dinner.

“sit on the side Sher.” Mycroft said loud enough to startle mummy.  Sherlock did as he was told and sat. mummy Holmes moved away from the stove and walked up to Sherlock who was sat on the counter where Mycroft had told him to sit.

“Sherlock? What happened?” She asked gently and looked sad but she blinked a few times and her expression changed she looked angry, “You didn’t hit anyone did you?” She sounded stern but before Sherlock could answer, Mycroft got in the way with ice wrapped up in a tea towel.

“Here, hold it here sherlock, that’s it.” Mycroft nodded.

“Did you have a fight son?” Pappy came in and Sherlock’s eyes welled with tears , he didn’t say anything, he didn’t move anything he just kept the ice in place.

“Sherlock?!” Mummy Holmes snapped sherlock out of his trance and he began trembling.

“Im sorry,” he whispered over and over again as he rocked forward and backwards to try and calm himself down. Tears fell again, he didn’t know what to say, he needed a drink, words weren’t coming out, they thought he’d had a fight.

“Sher?” Mummy Holmes asked gently and brought her son into a hug. “Hush, just tell us, sherlock and everything will be okay, we’ll sort it.”

“Did you have a fight?” his dad asked again once he’d calmed down a little and sherlock burst.

“NO! I got slapped by a girl!” He immediately began to sob. Both of the parents looked at Mycroft for some source of information.

“Did he ask her out?” his dad asked. Mycroft shook his head and moved them out of the way, he stood in front of sherlock who was still trembling.

“Mummy, some hot chocolate, for sherlock, he has some explaining to do,” Mycroft said over his shoulder before turning to sherlock “Calm down, I don’t understand why you keep crying.”


Once sherlock had calmed himself they, all of them as a family sat around the table.

“go on, we won’t interrupt you son, just tell us.”

Sherlock nodded “Okay pappy. There’s a girl called Amy and she’s been… harassing me since day one. She’s very popular she has friends in all of the other years and everybody knows her.” Sherlock paused for a moment to have a gob full of hot chocolate to sooth him. “she asks me on dates every day and I always decline. At first it was principle but…..” sherlock shook his head and took a deep breath. “she came up to me at the end of the day in front of everybody and asked me out only this time she threatened me, she said if I didn’t go out with her she’d follow me home and tell you that I got her pregnant…” mummy and pappy both gasped at this but allowed sherlock to carry on. “S-so I told her that I had to decline because I wasn’t…. I couldn’t… I don’t like… im not… “ sherlock closed his eyes shut really tight and decided to quote himself. “I said ‘Amy your black mail isn’t sufficient enough, I’m gay.” Sherlock kept his eyes shut tight and he was expecting another slap or being disowned, he definitely didn’t believe Mycroft.

“Sherlock?” Mummy Holmes asked gently “Sherlock, open your eyes.” Sherlock bit his lip but opened his eyes. “sherlock, I’m disappointed.” She started and Sherlock’s heart hammered against his chest. “Im disappointed in your school, the control over the children clearly isn’t great. But with you, however, I am so, so proud of you, you are perfect the way you are.” Sherlock felt someone pulling him into a hug.


“Hey, you are so brave, you’re not even thirteen yet and you just told us that. that takes guts. Im sure if you wanted me and your mum could move your schools so you could get away from that girl.”

“Thnkyou.” Sherlock said.

part eleven of my story line.

Okay, well, im sorry about the weirdness of our voices in the previous video we were very hyper having just watched love actually and reading fanfiction aloud to oneanother, the rest of my fanfics should be slightly more…. sane, i think the word is sane, i think its time for another storyline text so…. i’ll be trying to write that. Im sorry if we scared you in any way shape or form xxxx


me and faith-is-cumberbatch made a mystrade video i hope you like it

I am also Faith-is-cumberbatch but this is a fanfiction for my fanfiction blog i made with pocketpooo AKA Sarah, with a diet coke and a Greg coke. I hope you like our weirdness….. sorry, i needed to reblog this as yeh……  

Harry got to Malfoy Manor and knocked, Draco answered.

“Um, I didn’t mean to make you upset…” Draco looked at Harry with pleading eyes.

“You didn’t, not at all.” Harry walked forward wrapping his arms around Draco’s middle. “Im so sorry I didn’t realise, I should have noticed you waking up.” Draco shook his head at Harry’s statement.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Draco said, something caught his eye, behind Harry. “That was though.”

“What was love?” Harry asked confused.

“The bunch of people taking pictures of us…”

“What?!” Harry twizzled round. “Draco… that’s Rita Skeeta….. there… fucking RUN!” they ran into the house slamming the door shut locking it. Harry went up the stairs and closed all the blinds while Draco did the same down the stairs.

“Love, why did they follow you?” Draco asked when they finally got in the kitchen together.

“I may have said that I was engaged because someone was coming onto me…” Harry bit his lip and Draco laughed. “What’s so funny?”

“You. You think that Im going to be mad but we’re going to get married Harry, married! They’ll all end up coming anyway. Why would I be angry that you told people?”

“I-I………I don’t know… Anyway. I came here for a reason.”

“Oh. Yeah. About that.”

“Draco, please, tonight if you have a nightmare… please wake me up. Please, I don’t want you to suffer in silence.” Harry said pulling Draco into a tight embrace.

“Okay.” Draco said before tilting his head and capturing Harrys lips.


part ten of my story line 

John couldn’t actually believe he sent the message but his reply was sherlock walking in from his bedroom, his eyes wide with shock and his expression thoroughly confused.
“Love, John, is a strong word.” Was all sherlock said.


Sherlock walked over to John, he bent down slightly with his hands gently holding John’s face as he placed his lips over Johns moving slightly, he wasn’t surprised when John began to kiss him back but he was surprised when their land lady walked in and squeaked a little.

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