Draco stood up from his bed and waited in front of the floo fire in his room. Harry came through it. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry in a hug.

“Are you okay?”

“No. I haven’t been down the stairs yet… she doesn’t know it’s you I’m ‘dating’.”

“Come on, let’s go down then.” Harry said before kissing Draco. Draco nodded and held Harrys hand as he pulled him out of his bedroom and down the stairs to find his mum setting up tea in the living room. She didn’t look up.

“Hello Draco.” She said pouring tea into every cup, she eventually looked up; her eyes went wide at the sight of Harry.

“Good afternoon, Mrs Malfoy.” Harry said

“p-please… call me Narcissa.” She smiled and sat down, Draco was being oddly quiet; Harry gave Draco a concerned glance. “Sit down dears.” Narcissa said gesturing to the other seats.

“Sorry mother…” Draco muttered. Harry looked at Draco confused as did Narcissa.

“What for darling?” she asked

“Hiding from you.” Draco muttered and Harry gave his hand a supportive squeeze

“No, no. its fine, Draco and stop calling me mother.”

“Yes, sorry.”

“So, Harry…. Harry Potter… you’re dating….. You’re dating Harry potter.”

“Yes he is… well, we say dating…” Harry smiled at Draco.

“What do you mean?” She asked wondering if she was supposed to be getting annoyed (like she was doing) at the boy who lived.

“We… Urm, we got engaged mum.” Draco said moving his hand so his mum could see.

“Oh my…” she breathed in collecting her thoughts before tugging Draco’s hand forward so she could see. The ring moved… it was a dragon! The wings flapped slightly as she ran her finger over it. The body was an emerald colour and the wings were a ruby colour, the head of the dragon moved and it opened its mouth to show a diamond. It did this for a few seconds before closing its mouth and wrapping itself back around Draco’s finger. Narcissa was gobsmacked; she had no idea what to say.

“do you like the ring?” Harry asked all she could do was nod. “I had it specially made, it marks slytherin and Gryffindor house together as one, it’s also when we got together, the tri-wizard tournament after I got the egg from the dragon. While I was in there I saw Draco, his mask lifted, he looked concerned… worried I flew right by him just as I thought the dragon was going to get me and his eyes were filled with tears. I was confused and decided that I wouldn’t be able to know why he was crying if I didn’t win the egg and he was what got me through that challenge. Not the fact that the world depended on me to defeat vol-you-know-who but Draco.” Harry said and Draco teared up; just as he did when it was said to him in the proposal but the proposal was longer and by the end of it Draco was full on crying.

Narcissa, finally, was able to speak “Congratulations. Drink your tea an-and… wait do your… do the Weasleys know?”

“No… I was hoping Draco could come with me… They definitely don’t know I’m gay… only Draco knows…” Harry blushed and Narcissa didn’t know why but she stood up and walked over to Harry pulling him into a hug.

“Trust me Harry, they’ll accept you and if they don’t… well they’ve got another thing coming.” She smiled “And Draco.”
“you did good son and im proud of you.” She pulled both of them into a hug

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